Five Facts About Wheelchair Friendly Cars For First-Time Owners

Wheelchair Friendly Cars

When it comes to buying a standard car, we are flooded with different makes, models, options and features. So for those looking to buy or rent wheelchair friendly cars for the first time, the choice can be made even harder. In this blog post, we cover five facts that may be helpful for first time owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) to know about.


Things To Know Before Leasing Your Next Motability Vehicle

Used WAV Vehicles

For those who are reaching the end of the lease on their current mobility car, it’s time to go through the Motability renewal process. In this blog post, we’re going to go through some of the most important things to keep in mind when browsing for new or used WAV vehicles under the Motability Scheme.


The Best Mobility Car Information For Disabled Drivers

Best Mobility Car

Mobility cars are a lifeline for getting out and about, having a social life and getting to and from work. They give disabled drivers a new lease of life in many ways. But, should you be driving due to your condition? And what, if any, details do you need to pass onto the DVLA to keep you on the road legally. Getting the best mobility car information is essential.

Four Reasons Why A Nearly New Mobility Car Hire Is Ideal

Mobility Car Hire

Just as it can be difficult to find the right car, it can even more difficult to decide on which wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is best suited to your circumstances. There are four major routes that you can take when it comes to obtaining a mobility car: either a new mobility car hire, buying a used or new WAV, or hiring a ‘nearly new’ vehicle.


Should You Opt For New Or Used WAV Cars For Sale?

Used WAV Cars For Sale

There are an increasing number of used WAV cars for sale in the UK today. But if you are buying your first mobility car, you may be wondering which is best: shop around for a used one or spend the extra on a new vehicle? This short blog post aims to tell you the pros and cons of both options.