A Short History Of The Motability Scheme

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Millions of British people’s lives have been positively affected by the existence of the Motability Scheme. For 40 years, it has helped give back some independence to disabled people. This is thanks to the scheme providing mobility vehicles UK wide – such as wheelchair accessible vehicles.


Always Test Drive Your New Motability Hire

Accessible Vehicle Hire

Whether you are hiring your first ever mobility car or you are well versed in the world of accessible vehicle hire, it’s always important to ensure that you test drive your new Motability vehicle. There are a number of reasons why this should be done and we’re going to discuss them in this blog.


The Benefit Of Buying Used Mobility Vehicles

Used Mobility Vehicles

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are used by many people across the UK who are either living with a disability or who are loved ones of a disabled person. While the vast majority of these people will be happy to make use of the Motability scheme, there are others who seek alternatives. One of these alternatives is choosing from a selection of used mobility vehicles.


Why Taxi Firms Need Disability Mobility Car Options

Disability Mobility Car

When running any business, the goal is always to expand your reach to as many potential customers or clients as possible. But those running a taxi business already reach just about every person – across income levels – in the UK today. Well, almost. There are still many areas of the UK without sufficient taxis that are wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs). So if you’re running a taxi firm, or are a taxi driver, we’re here to tell you why you need disability mobility car options.


Five Facts About Wheelchair Friendly Cars For First-Time Owners

Wheelchair Friendly Cars

When it comes to buying a standard car, we are flooded with different makes, models, options and features. So for those looking to buy or rent wheelchair friendly cars for the first time, the choice can be made even harder. In this blog post, we cover five facts that may be helpful for first time owners of wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) to know about.