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Mobility Car UK – Finding The Right Vehicle Access Ramp For Your Needs

Mobility car UK based are available to cater for a variety of disabled people, including those who use wheelchairs. After you have conducted the standard vehicle checks you should then perform checks on the wheelchair specific features. If you are a wheelchair user, one of your main needs will be to use a ramp to access your vehicle.

Whether you are currently a wheelchair user, or are planning for the future, a key feature you should consider is how accessible the mobility car is for wheelchair users. Don’t just consider the east of loading the wheelchair, but also whether the wheelchair accessible vehicles are suitable for getting your chair into and out of in a comfortable (and importantly safe) way. As there are several ways to get a wheelchair into a vehicle, make sure you’re comfortable with the way your chosen vehicle offers. The most common method is via a ramp at the back of your vehicle. Side access ramps are also becoming more common. Rear ramps are generally more reliable as they have been around for longer and are easier to access in tight car parks. Observe the ramp in action and also try it out. The ideal ramp should be lightweight and easy to operate. If you need a lifting platform, larger wheelchair accessible vehicles sometimes come fitted with these. These can be very useful but are also costlier to maintain. However, they are great for convenience, especially if you have more than one wheelchair user travelling.

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