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Buying a car is always an involving process, especially when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)

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Buying a car is always an involving process, especially when buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). First, there is the focus on quality. Who wants to buy a low quality car anyway? Then there is the prestige you want to accompany your new acquisition. And at the bottom of everything is the price of all that – money. This is usually the determining factor. However, most people are often ready to completely ignore this factor and focus on prestige.


Everyone seems to be thinking about “new” whenever they want to buy a vehicle. It’s the notion that new always comes with good quality. This is, however, not always the case. Sometimes, one ends up getting a raw deal where the car does not end up meeting the buyer’s needs. Or they end up spending too much on a car they would have bought for much less with the same quality – or more.


So, how do you get the car that serves your every need at a price that not only fits it, but is also affordable? We are here to help you with that. To show you that it is possible to have that WAV that will cater for both you and your loved ones’ needs.


Why You Would Need a Second-Hand WAV

In addition to the cost-reduction, there are a few other factors that would call for a second-hand WAV.

If the need for a WAV is urgent, then it may be necessary to consider buying a second-hand vehicle. This is because of the long wait times that come with purchasing new WAVs. Second-hand purchases reduce the time it takes to have your vehicle. Some companies will even deliver it to your doorstep almost as soon as you make the purchase. This is a huge benefit and important factor when you urgently need one.

Value for money

Of course everyone wants value for their money. But the degree to which “value for money” means to different people differs. So what does it mean to you? How much value can you call deserved? Second-hand WAVs give you more value than you could get from similar purchases involving new WAVs. This is one of the reasons why many people opt for second-hand vehicles.

Small budget

No matter how important the car is, sometimes you just can’t afford a new car. This does not mean you should forgo the decision altogether because it is important. So what do you do? Go for a second-hand car. If you make the right purchase, this decision will prove to be one of the best you have made and you will never have to regret or wish for a new WAV.



What You Get With a Second-Hand WAV

There are many perks of buying a second-hand WAV. Some of them are about maintaining value you’d get with a new vehicle, while others are available only for the second-hand vehicles.


1. Assured Safety
Safety comes first. Always. And this is usually the main concern for many people when they are presented with the option of buying a second-hand at the expense of a new vehicle. But let’s consider a piece of land. Would you rather invest in virgin land or land that has been used to grow crops before and has shown impressive productivity? You most probably would go with the already-cultivated land. The same applies to vehicles. Provided the WAV has been well repaired and serviced, it is definitely the better and more secure option when compared to a brand new car that has not been on the road before.


2. Lasting Value
Did you know that a new car loses up to 20% just by getting outside the showroom? Yes, you did. Think about how much value gets lost in a year after the purchase then consider buying a one-year-old car. If the two purchases are made at the same time, you can be sure that after 365 days, the car that will be only a year old will have lost much more value than the car that will be two years old at the time. It’s not hard to see that second-hand WAVs have longer lasting value than new ones.


3. Instant Usage
As mentioned, urgency could make it necessary for you to buy a second-hand car. This is because of the wait times that come with purchasing a new WAV as sometimes the car has to be custom-built for you. This could take a really long time. That’s where second-hand WAVs come in. In case you are in a situation where you urgently need a WAV, you don’t need to worry about not getting one. Second-hand WAV dealers make sure your needs are met with the kind of efficiency you need as soon as you please. Proper market research will lead you to a company that can include your specifications in the car within no time.


4. After-Sales Services
Most reputable companies will offer you enticing after-sale services. Your car will be fully serviced. They will ensure that all the mechanical parts are working as they should and you don’t have to worry about the warranty as they will give you that too. That means that for a specified period of time after taking your car home, you can get services without having to spend a penny. This also comes with new vehicles most of the time, but you should know you are not missing on anything by purchasing a second-hand WAV.


5. Wide Range
Even with the benefit that your car can be converted to meet your custom needs within days, there still is a wide range of these cars. This gives you the freedom to walk around inspecting various models and types, ensuring that in the end you choose one that best suits you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having to choose from a small collection. This serves to show you that new cars do not have to be superior to second-hand ones. The variety is just as wide, if not wider.


6. An Appealing Look
If your concern is your car having the “brand-new” look, then you are also covered. The servicing done before you are given the keys to your car includes removing any marks or dents that could have been on the body. It will also be repainted and the spark will surely come back. See, the feeling and look is the same as that of a brand new WAV when you drive out of the store. Only this time you don’t have to worry about your vehicle losing value the moment you get to the road. This perk sees you have the benefit of having a brand-new (looking) car while maintaining all the other benefits of a second-hand car that are not in the former.


7. Low Mileage
Sometimes you go looking for cars – whether online or on the ground – and all you can find is cars whose mileage levels you have been “warned” about. When dealing with a reputable company in this industry, you are assured to end up with a car that has low mileage. One does not just focus on the mileage, but also other forms of wear. Look for a team of people who will not just be after your money, but are also able to advise you on what to and what not to buy.


8. Money Saved
Last but not least is the cost. This is so big a perk that it seems like it’s the whole point. But as pointed out above, you are now certain that it’s not just about the money you spend and what you save, but also about seven or more other perks.


Final Word

When you decide to buy a WAV for you or for your loved one, it is important to approach the matter with the weight it deserves. First, you need to know that the person really needs it. Some people prefer to travel in regular cars and they manage to do so without difficulties. Such a person may not need a WAV that much. However, it is necessary that you know (by contacting a doctor) whether it is safe for that person to use a regular vehicle. The second thing you need to do is carry out extensive research. There are many companies that claim to sell vehicles that offer great value, but the reality is not everyone in the market is the expert you need. Know how to distinguish the fake from the real. If needs be, contact a specialist. This should be a neutral party and not someone out to sell their company. The third very important thing to do is to check your budget. How much are you willing to spend? Is buying the vehicle going to cost you something equally as important like food, rent or school fees for your children?

At Automotive Group UK, we believe there is a WAV for everyone who needs one. Visit us today and you won’t regret it. Our team of specialists will guide you through every step and make sure that the decision you make is not only right, but also comes directly from you, because you know best.

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