Second Hand WAV Vehicles – Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Second Hand WAV Vehicle

Second Hand WAV Vehicles

Second hand WAV vehicles are widely available on the Internet and in car dealerships. They offer a great solution for those who cannot secure wheelchair accessible vehicles under the Motability Scheme, as well as those who do not want to use their allowance for this. However, you do need to choose a WAV with caution when going down this route. With that being said, read on to discover the common mistakes to avoid when purchasing used wheelchair accessible vehicles.

  • Failing to run a vehicle history report – One of the biggest mistakes is purchasing a vehicle without running a report on the history of it. When you run a history report, you are able to determine the number of previous owners, any past problems with the car, and any prior accidents.
  • Buying a car based on price or looks without considering needs – It is imperative that the WAV you select is perfectly suited to the wheelchair user and the carer. The vehicle with the ramp may be much cheaper, but if the carer cannot push the wheelchair user into the vehicle, what is the point? You should be looking for a WAV with a lift instead in this instance. Always make sure you put the needs of the wheelchair user first.
  • Purchasing from an unknown seller – When purchasing used wheelchair accessible vehicles, it is always advisable to choose a company that specialises in WAVs and is established in the industry with a credible reputation. A lot of people buy used vehicles on auction websites or off unknown sellers, and this is risky. You don’t want the seller to suddenly disappear if you have issues with the vehicle.
  • Foregoing the chance to have a test drive – Last but not least, it is imperative that you test-drive the second hand WAV vehicles you are considering. And, it is a good idea to drive to places you are going to be going to on a regular basis to make sure the vehicle is suitable.