The Ultimate Guide To The Motability Scheme

If you need a vehicle that is specially adapted or you are unable to work, you may be able to purchase a vehicle under the Motability scheme.


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If you need a vehicle that is specially adapted or you are unable to work, you may be able to purchase a vehicle under the Motability scheme. This is a not-for-profit program that enables individuals with disabilities to use their government-funded benefit to lease or buy a mobility car.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at the Motability Scheme in further detail, revealing the specifics of the scheme, who is eligible, what wheelchair accessible vehicles you can drive, and more. So, first of all, who is eligible for a mobility car under this scheme? The government’s welfare reform programme recently resulted in changes to the eligibility criteria, as of April 2013. Prior to this, any person receiving the disability living allowance (DLA) higher-rate mobility component would be eligible for this scheme. However, personal independent payment (PIP) is replacing this, meaning those receiving this benefit need to be re-evaluated. You will only be able to apply for a disability mobility car under this scheme if you get the enhanced rate of the PIP mobility component. You could risk losing your vehicle if you do not have this, however, grants of up to £2,000 are on offer to help people who are in this scenario. Plus, there are always used mobility vehicles for a cost-efficient alternative that involves bypassing the scheme. The Motability scheme is also available to anyone that receives the independence payment for the armed forces or the mobility supplement for war pensioners. So, under this scheme, you will use part or all of your disability allowance to pay for the vehicle you choose. To access a higher-end car, you can put your own money towards it.

You have two choices under this scheme, buying or leasing. Most people choose the latter. You will get the choice of a new mobility car every three years. Plus, all the following is included: maintenance, servicing, replacement windows and tyres, RAC breakdown cover, personal accident cover, and car insurance. If you buy the car, you have to foot the bill for all of this. However, some people are happy to do so if it means vehicle ownership. Plus, any damage to a mobility lease car needs to be paid by the driver. Who can drive the car? If you cannot drive yourself, you can apply for two family members or friends to drive for you. They cannot have any serious disqualifications, convictions, or driving endorsements over the past five years. There are also restrictions in regards to people with provisional driving licences and young drivers. Under the scheme, there is the Motability Managed Adaption Programme, which basically means that the following adaptions are readily available: electric handbrakes, pedal guards, person hoists, wheelchair stowage, remote control of certain functions, pedal modifications, permanent and wheelchair swivel seats, steering aids, and mechanical hand controls. You can enquire about other adaptions.

Hopefully, you now understand the Motability scheme better. This is a great opportunity for you or a loved one to access a mobility car with your government-funded benefit. However, if you do not have this, don’t fret; there are used vehicles available at competitive prices.

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