Are Used Wheelchair Access Vehicles The Answer If You Lose Your Motability Award?

Used Wheelchair Access Vehicles

The news early last year that changes to benefit rules meant increased numbers of disabled people were to lose their right to the Motability scheme was devastating for those involved. It is also scary for anyone likely to find themselves in that position, however, there are alternatives, including used wheelchair access vehicles, to keep you on the road.

For those relying on Disabled Living Allowance, or Personal Independence Payments to cover the additional costs of their illness or disability, any changes in the rules can cause upset and worry. This is definitely true when the changes leave you without access to the WAV vehicles that has been crucial to maintaining your independence. The Motability scheme provides wheelchair accessible vehicles to those who are on qualifying benefits. The scheme not only provides the specially adapted vehicle, but also offers a package that reduces the worries of running such a vehicle. This includes insurance, servicing, maintenance, full breakdown assistance and an ample mileage allowance. Those that lose the qualifying benefit, also lose their right to the vehicle. For many, this has meant returning to a life with limited opportunities to get out, or at least to get out independently. Even for those with friends and family willing to continue as named drivers, un-adapted cars are incredibly difficult for many wheelchair users. There is not adequate space for the individual to remain in the wheelchair, meaning they need to be assisted in and out of the chair. This can be difficult under any circumstances, but is doubly so with the space constraints of a car.

So, if you are affected by these changes what can you do? The first thing of course is to appeal the decision. But you still need to be able to get around in the meantime, and the answer to this is used wheelchair access vehicles. Such used vehicles benefit from already being adapted to fit a wheelchair. They are generally pre-leased vehicles, meaning that they have had limited mileage usage and have been well maintained and cared for. This reduces your costs in relation to buying new and to having to get the adaptions completed yourself. However, there are difficulties that you need to consider with buying second hand or used wheelchair accessible vehicles, namely that you need to be able to pay for the vehicle upfront, or be able to secure the required finance. If this isn’t possible for you then don’t panic. Used WAV and cars are not your only option without Motability. Nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicles provide another option. These cars are leased rather than purchased, meaning less cost upfront. Some can even be found that don’t require any upfront payment. While they do not come with all the advantages of a Motability package, they do normally include some ongoing maintenance support.

Life without your Motability vehicle does not have to be boring and lonely. There are other options available to you including buying used wheelchair access vehicles. Check out all your options while waiting for your appeal to be heard. That way, you know the direction to move in, should you need to find your own used WAV cars for sale.