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Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Are Worth Considering

Used wheelchair accessible vehicles may be easy to overlook if you’re in the market for wheelchair accessible vehicles – also known as WAVs. But there are many, many reasons why you should consider looking at the used WAV vehicles market. It’s an increasing market as many people change their vehicles after five years – leaving a lot of used, but still very usable, WAVs at a very reasonable price. We look at why you should consider taking on a used wheelchair access vehicle instead of opting for seemingly sleek, new, and pricier model.

So Why Should I Consider The Used WAV Market?

A lot of people don’t even consider the used WAV market, despite the popularity of used vehicles when it comes to standard road cars. Why? Well, because WAVs exist to serve a need. That need is different depending on the condition of the wheelchair user who benefits from its use. So many WAVs feature certain customisation that is specifically tailored to that person. It means that others may not benefit as much from its features and specifications. However, if you look hard enough, you may be able to find one that does fit with your mobility vehicle needs while savings hundreds or even thousands of pounds in the process. If you can get a well-maintained used vehicle with low mileage that fits mostly with what you’re looking for, it’s not a bad deal at all, particularly in this current economic climate. It’s also worth considering that if you get a new WAV, either privately or through the government-funded scheme Motability, you’ll have to wait in the region of 14-16 weeks to receive it. That’s not a prediction either; that’s the average waiting time. It could be less, but it could be more. Used wheelchair access vehicles could be bought now at a cheap price that will see you have it at your home within a week or two. And, crucially, it gives you an asset if times get tough. So the market for used wheelchair accessible vehicles is not to be sniffed at.

Are There Any Other Types Of Second Hand WAV Vehicles?

It’s worth noting that new and used vehicles are not the only types of WAVs you have to choose from. Second hand WAV vehicles can also be found in the form of ‘Nearly New’ WAVs. While new cars within the Motability scheme are usually bought using the person’s full weekly allowance, and, in a number of cases, involves a non-refundable Advanced Payment, there are ways to retain some of your allowance while still purchasing a WAV. Going down the nearly new route is a more affordable way to lease through the scheme. These cars have been returned from other leases within three years. They are all carefully checked by suppliers upon their return and have been fully serviced. There are, of course, downsides, such as the expectation of a bit of wear and tear, and that you are restricted by the availability of stock at a particular time. However, the advantages are very good. If you can find a nearly new WAV that suits your needs, you can get it quickly, at a lower weekly cost to your allowance, on a shorter lease and, crucially, you can even get a WAV without the need for any non-refundable payments. This means that the cost is covered by your allowance. Such smaller vehicle models like the Kangoo or the Qubo come under this category, but you may wish to consider the higher quality Citroen Berlingo, which is available for a nearly new advanced payment of just £300. At the Automotive Group, we offer the Berlingo and many more premium quality, affordable, WAVs.

For Quality Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles, Contact The Automotive Group

Whether you are on the watch for new, nearly new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles, we at the Automotive Group can accommodate all three. We don’t just focus on the lower-end of the market, nor do we try and sell you overpriced models; we provide you with quality wheelchair accessible vehicles at an affordable price that is within your reach. You can view our range at https://automotivegroup.co.uk/. You can trust us to provide a quality service, as we have been supplying the market for over 30 years. For more information, contact our extremely helpful team at 0800 121 66 22 or email us at info@automotivegroup.co.uk.

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