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Vehicle Mobility – Better Transport Options For All Locations

Vehicle mobility has historically been more difficult for those with disabilities. As a consequence, getting around and becoming independent has been harder. However, the advent of better and more accessible mobility vehicles means that the situation is improving. Here are just a few reasons that an accessible car is the better choice.

For many disabled people who have not previously had access to adapted vehicles, buses have been the cheapest way to get around. However, while wheelchair spaces and ramps make these wheelchair accessible vehicles in larger towns and cities, the same cannot be said for all routes. Other problems with needing to rely on public transport include having to work to someone else’s timetable and the complication of getting to and from bus stops. An alternative is taxis, particularly with the greater number of accessible vehicle now generally available. However, the problem here is often cost. Owning, or leasing mobility vehicles designed specifically to meet your individual needs combines the convenience of a taxi with the lower cost associated with public transport. Even for those who require someone to drive for them a WAV, or wheelchair accessible vehicle provides freedom and greater independence. It means that they can more easily accompany family, or their career and make a greater number of choices for themselves. It also means that more places are accessible, and longer journeys can be made in comfort. There is no waiting around in the cold or wet, and no need to worry whether there will be space on the bus.

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