WAV Vehicles For Sale – Nearly New Vs. New WAVS

WAV Vehicles For Sale

There are many WAV vehicles for sale nowadays, meaning there is a lot that needs to be considered when purchasing one. From the seating arrangement and the size of the vehicle, to the model of the car and whether a manual or electronic ramp is used, the list is never ending. But, before you worry about all of this, you first need to determine whether to go for a new or nearly new wheelchair accessible vehicle. Read on to find out more.

As you probably guessed by the name, new WAV vehicles are exactly that – they are brand new. No one has used them; you will be the first. So, what is a nearly new WAV? This is a vehicle that is less than three years old. As you may be aware, the lease period for wheelchair accessible vehicles is between three and five years, depending on what type of vehicle you have chosen. Therefore, nearly new WAVS are almost always vehicles that have been sent back by an owner prior to the lease period ending.

There are some key differences you need to bear in mind when choosing between new and nearly new WAVs. Firstly, you can upgrade a nearly new vehicle after three years, whereas the lease period for a new WAV is five years. As a consequence, the mileage is lower on nearly new vehicles. In total, you will get 60,000 miles, whereas you get a 100,000 mileage allowance for a new vehicle. Nevertheless, this does, of course, work out at 20,000 miles per annum for both options.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you may have to wait longer to get a new WAV, as it needs to be ordered in. However, with nearly new WAV vehicles for sale, you can get your vehicle straight away, yet you do have a limited selection to choose from.