WAV Vehicles – Should You Lease Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Through The Motability Scheme?

The motor industry has seen a revolution where wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) are increasingly being manufactured to enable disabled individuals to travel either as drivers or passengers without transferring out of their wheelchairs. These WAV vehicles save them from the discomfort while at the same time giving them the much needed independence and flexibility.

Motability Scheme WAVs Leasing

Whether you are targeting to lease new or used wheelchair accessible vehicles, the Motability Scheme gives you the opportunity to do so using your Government-financed mobility allowance. The following mobility allowances can qualify you for the Scheme.

  • Higher Rate DLA Mobility Component (£57.45 a week)
  • War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement
  • Enhanced Rate (£57.45 a week) PIP Mobility Component
  • Armed Forces Independence Payment

In addition to your mobility allowance, you will need to make an Advance Payment just in case you’ve chosen a “higher specified model” of WAV vehicles that’s different from what’s offered. The payment may differ depending on the cost of the vehicle, its maintenance and servicing and the estimated resale value.

Is the Motability Scheme Beneficial?

Most certainly, leasing wheelchair accessible vehicles through this scheme guarantees you a worry-free lease package. Also, all your vehicle running costs including service and maintenance, insurance, annual car tax, breakdown assistance from RAC, windscreen repair and/or replacement are fully taken care of. You may talk to one of the Motability scheme specialists to have a better idea or if you have additional questions too. You may also ask a WAV dealer. As the lessee, you will not be charged for scratches and small scuffs at the end of the period as long as they do not amount to significant damage.

In a nutshell, new or used WAV vehicles provide convenience and comfort for the disabled people while travelling. The hirer has the freedom to nominate two drivers to driver him/her in case they cannot drive themselves. This is an important development towards an inclusive society where the needs of every person are taken care of.