Wheelchair Accessible Taxis – What To Consider When Buying

Wheelchair accessible taxis are a must have for any company

By Stephen

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Wheelchair accessible taxis are a must have for any company. If you do not have one or several of these vehicles as part of your fleet, you are going to be alienating a portion of your customers. Instead, if you invest in WAV vehicles, you show that you care about your customers and you set yourself apart from other taxi companies in the area that do not have any wheelchair accessible vehicles as part of their range of cars.

Nevertheless, with a wide range of wheelchair accessible vehicles to choose from, you need to select with care. The difference between buying a WAV vehicle for a taxi company and buying for personal use is that you are going to need to cater to everyone’s needs, as opposed to one person. Therefore, you need to choose a vehicle that is going to make it easy for all wheelchair users to get inside. Large WAV taxis often come with an electric lift, which is something worth considering, especially if you’re not confident your taxi drivers will be able to push the wheelchair user into the vehicle.

You also need to think about access. As a taxi driver, you don’t have a set list of places you visit. Of course, there are places more popular than others, such as the train station or the part of town where all the restaurants and bars are. Nevertheless, you never know where you could be picking up someone from. This is why side access to the car tends to be the most beneficial, as the wheelchair user can always access the vehicle from the pavement.

Finally, you may also want to consider used wheelchair accessible vehicles, as this is a great way to save money. But, make sure you do all of the necessary checks and research on the wheelchair accessible taxis you are considering before purchasing.

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