Why Choose Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Over Brand New Ones?

Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision to make considering the amount of money you have to save or pay in installments.

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Purchasing a vehicle is a huge decision to make considering the amount of money you have to save or pay in instalments. But, if it’s a vehicle for disabled people then it’s definitely a worthy investment. There may just be some additional costs for conversions and adaptations to accommodate the transportation needs of the disabled individual. So for some, it would be much better to get used wheelchair accessible vehicles than new ones. Read on to know more about why it’s better to get used WAVs.

Today, the market is full of used WAV vehicles. People who previously owned them may decide to change them and get a newer version. This means that it is increasingly easier to get one of these wheelchair accessible vehicles than it was some time back. The increase in supply also means that the cost of a used WAV would be considerably lower compared to a brand new one.

So long as you know exactly what you need, you will also have an easier time selecting the vehicle that closely or fully meets your needs and specifications. However, most people find that they need financial support and an assessment to be able to find the right vehicle. Amazingly, with used WAV vehicles, you can talk to the previous owner or dealer to see what features for wheelchair users are available. In doing so, there is no need to do further customisations that only costs money.

Alternatively, you can talk to Motability experts and specialists and, where applicable, to a driver solutions team at your vendor of choice. These professionals are in a better place to help you understand your particular needs and find a used car that is ideal for your particular situation. These above-mentioned factors certainly give used wheelchair accessible vehicles a comparative advantage over brand new ones.

All in all, there are various reasons that make this purchase worthwhile. Talk to a reputable dealer and know your buying options. There are also some government financing programs you can look at to help you rent or buy used wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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