WAV Motability Vehicles – Should You Go For A WAV With A Ramp Or Lift?

There are so many different types of WAV motability vehicles to choose from today

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There are so many different types of WAV motability vehicles to choose from today, including a wide assortment of makes, models, sizes, features, colours, and more. There is something to suit all requirements. One of the main considerations you need to make when purchasing is whether to go for a WAV with a ramp or a lift. Below, we reveal what you need to consider when making your decision.

Most people choose wheelchair accessible vehicles with a ramp. In most cases, the ramp is manually operated; your partner or carer will need to unfold the ramp from the rear of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it is possible to get a vehicle with an automatic ramp. With this, you will merely need to touch a button and the ramp will fold and unfold. This can be much more convenient, yet it is the more expensive option of the two.

The length and the angle of the ramp will differ from WAV to WAV, and thus you will need to test this before you purchase. You need to ensure it is not going to be too tough to push the wheelchair. To make lowering and raising easier, you should consider choosing a spring-loaded ramp.

You also have the option of WAV vehicles with lifts. Lifts tend to only be fitted on large wheelchair accessible vehicles. These are suitable if your carer finds it difficult to push you up a ramp. A lift is the most expensive option and you will need to service it every year, yet your lease covers this.

All in all, when deciding whether to look for WAV motability vehicles with a ramp or a lift, you need to consider whether your carer can operate a ramp. Check if they can push you up it, and how easy access will be for the lift or ramp you are considering.

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