Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Everything You Have To Know When Planning To Buy One

With nearly 2% of the UK population using wheelchairs, wheelchair accessible vehicles – or WAVs for short – are beneficial for disabled people who want to travel from point A to B. These vehicles allow individuals to transfer from their wheelchair to a car seat with ease, and can make a huge difference for many disabled drivers and passengers. Here are some tips on how to find the ideal mobility vehicle for your requirements.

1. Height and space restrictions: It is important that you adhere to height restrictions when choosing wheelchair accessible vehicles. For example, you will need to choose a car that can accommodate the height of your wheelchair and the disabled individual if they prefer to sit on it for the whole ride than transfer to a car seat. Size is also important: find out whether there will be enough room behind the vehicle so you can access it via a lift or ramp, and whether the ramp can fully extend without too much hassle for the driver and passengers.
2. Car features: When choosing WAV vehicles, it’s important that you feel comfortable at all times. Ask yourself how often you will be using the vehicle, and whether you or the driver will need automatic transmission to make driving easier. If you would benefit from air conditioning or heating, choose a vehicle that provides you with these features.
3. Consider your wheelchair: The type of WAV you choose will also depend on the size of your wheelchair, and whether this can fit inside the car easily. Also, consider the equipment you will need to transport inside the vehicle, and whether there is enough room to do so. Used wheelchair accessible vehicles might provide you with more room for a cheaper price.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles can start from £12,000 but increase to up to £45,000 depending on the type of vehicle and its size. You will want to choose a WAV that suits your budget, but also your lifestyle, and a vehicle that provides you with enough space, features, and room for your wheelchair.